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 Minutes 4/27

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PostSubject: Minutes 4/27   Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:34 am

Japan Club Minutes

Hey, it's Suzanne and here's my first minutes ever! WOOOOOOOO

Called to order at 5:39
Meeting adjourned at 8:22

Meeting begins entirely silent today!

Restaurant Trip is moved to 5/7
In attendance so far is Axel, Brett, Katie, Sid, Jerry, Cherry, Jess, Dan Z, and Quel
Restaurant is Sakura*~`
Anyone else who wants to go must meet in front of the Red Hawk Diner 5/7

Events for next Semester
ZoMBie Ruuuuun for Halloween,
Aiming for Saturday, 10/30 in the Student Center, 4th floor like at Chibi-con

Iron Chef!
11/10/10 7 PM, in the Rathskeller
We’re getting LASO to join us
We’re going back to our old format of getting people from the audience to be judges and cooks
Kathy recommended we get other clubs in on this

Fall Food Festival with CSA Redux
10/13/10 from 2-5 in the Quad
More organization! We must plan details for festival THIS semester
We mentioned investing new burner for cooking
We discussed more traditional Japanese festivals (such as Autumn Festival)
-we can decorate tables to look like Japanese food carts
-food, desserts, appetizers, drinks, sticker booth

Scavenger hunt
-Tentative date 9/23 between 4-5

Cosplay Date Auction
November 18th at 8 in the Rathskeller

Traditional Kabuki Theater
-12/3 at 6PM in the Rathskeller
People are REALLLLY into this idea
We have at least 3 yukatas and 3 kimonos
Possibility of mini-Kabuki in December, big one in Spring

Anime Game Show Part 2!
-Early Spring
-We’re recruiting people to help the E-Board make questions

John and CJ volunteered to reserve our rooms for Fall on Friday, give them a hand! WOOOO.

We decided to have a Historian committee
-Julia, Adri, Sid, Sandy, Katie, Mark, Jeremy, and Cherry

We discussed a lot of Chibi-Con critiques
-make a list of things to do sooner
-utilize contact forms and other threads on forums
-if you make a thread, it’s your responsibility to look at them
-Group to buy everything with good communication (texts are best)
-food coming in took 1½ hours
-more planning for set-up than breakdown/clean-up
-waiver forms (Zombie Run, video’s flashing lights)
-more walkie talkies (buy more next year!)
-booths with flyers, registration, mini refreshment tables
-lock all doors before opening ceremony
-1 or 2 ushers in main lobby with tags for questions, maps, schedules
-lanyard with card/ID, put certain sticker on ID when they go to event (cheap! Can be gotten at Staples)
-more clubs/schools to cosponsor (UAASO) and get/give entire e-board’s numbers
-mention Chibi-con is free on the flyers
-Karate, parapara, Apples to Apples, Maid Café panels, sushi workshops

We had a lot of advertising ideas
-using the radio
-more websites than forum
-start posting flyers off campus
-make a website specifically FOR Chibi-Con

Changes to Anime Nights!
-talk to Gamers about getting anime nights in the same room as their tournaments and alternate weeks

Constitutions are available to ALL members!

We wrap up with a video from Chibi-Con 2008- oh lord I'm in there in my first attempt at gothic lolita. *hide*
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PostSubject: Re: Minutes 4/27   Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:47 am

awesome thanks! :D

just post whatever you need and if you want to make whatever thread a sticky or global announcement, just ask me or meg to do it for you~
i'll probably sticky or global announce any thread that i also feel if it is necessary too

And also Kev gives his minutes~ i am not sure if he is still going to do it, but i hope so since it's funny :D
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Minutes 4/27
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