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 Fall Food Festival @ Oct 20

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PostSubject: Re: Fall Food Festival @ Oct 20   Fall Food Festival @ Oct 20 - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 2:10 pm


This is just the research I've been doing. It's not perfect and I'm not saying we have to do these things/this way but that's why I want some input! Especially you e-board : D <3

The two things I most want to know is how many people did we have at our last Festival and what the total profit from chibi-con was so I can balance the budget for this event and the others.

First: Layout.

After studying some anime/tourist photographs and trying very hard to remember what the Quad looks like I sketched out a little example: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif

1. Our sign! yay. Maybe decorated with some fall foliage.
2. A grill we borrow from one of our sorority/fraternity friends (someone have contact info?)
3. Folding tables become stands. We'll need two or three and some kind of poles as CC suggests to hold up the banner.
4. I think these two banners should be twins. one would say "Fall" the other "Festival" or something. I was kinda hoping it could either be in hiragana or have that underneath. Also, CC and I talked about having cloth banner bases and writing "festival" in paper so we can keep using the banners.
5. Lists, hanging from banners, of what we're selling/the price. There can be more than just these two but it was a kinda small drawing : )
6. Main dish
7. Side Dish
8/9. Dessert
10. Paper lanterns! http://asianideas.com/lanterns2.html this place sells them pretty cheap. Even if we don't light them up it would still look pretty cool.
11. Bobbing for balloons! We'll want a hose >>;;
12. Bonnie's photobooth <3
13. A place for JDCD to do a little performance! There are usually performances at matsuri and if we don't wanna do it maybe there's a martial arts club on campus that would. ooh or we could invite someone from upper Montclair. there's kids there, I'm sure there's a dojo.

On to food:

Ok, I'm officially a little burnt out trying to figure out how to make some of this stuff, so if you have ideas/corrections they're very welcome. I wanna choose maybe 1-2 of each category so if you see something that would sell better than the others vote for that.

Main dish:
1. Yakitori. With the grill it's super super easy to make. I tried this recipe and it's delicious and simple. We could serve 3 slices of meat per skewer.
2. Rice. but we could sprinkle some chopped seaweed on it if they want. we have plenty of it for making sushi.

Side Dishes:
3. Grilled veg. skewers was my first thought b/c we'd already have the grill. Would need zucchini, onions, small tomatoes, jap. egg plant, bell peppers (all optional and we need at least 3)

these aren't on the piece of paper but after looking at my jap. recipe book they seem a little simpler/cheaper maybe?

Daikon and carrot salad. needs rice vinegar, sugar, daikon and carrot, shredded. pretty simple.

sweet simmered pumpkin. mirin, soy sauce, jap or butternut pumpkin.

4. 1/3 grilled corn. very popular at matsuri and, you guessed it, on a stick.


5. At first I mistook this for a chocolate dessert but it's actually Yokan (jellied red bean) w/ chestnuts inside (chestnuts are a big autumn food in japan!) alternative of course would be to make brownies (always safe w/ american crowds) and put chestnuts in it.

6. Candied Plum/Anzu ame/ume ame

This is the most puzzling of all. I've seen it in kodomo no jikan and a few others but there are far and few recipies/pictures of it anywhere else though it is listed as a popular festival food. I'm going tomorrow to ask the asian food market about it but if somebody could go to/contact mitsuwa about it the three names above are the three names I've heard it called so far.

From what I can scrap...this is how you make it:

simmer apricots (plums is an incorrect translation apparently) in sugar water for 10 minutes, then put a stick in them and stick them in a thick, sugary syrup dyed red or orange until it becomes hard. ice helps.

7. Chocolate dipped bananas.

Ok, I've tried this a few times and I finally got it to work!! Slice banana in thirds, then pour melted chocolate into (lmao) Popsicle molds and dip, hold until solid-ish then stick in the fridge to full harden. Also on a stick. most festival foods are on a stick.

: D CC and I also want Happi coats!

They're kinda expensive to buy, but I'm wondering if sewing out own would be cheaper. http://www.ehow.com/how_5502067_sew-happi-coat.html

they also sell sushi chef happi coats for much cheaper (still a little pricey) and all we need is an obi to make them happi coats


^.^ that's all I got so far! please, please, please give me feed back. The things in red and what I asked for up top are my most pressing issues.

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PostSubject: Re: Fall Food Festival @ Oct 20   Fall Food Festival @ Oct 20 - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 4:50 pm


All we need is to buy the stuff
prepare the food on Tues night
do a practice test on the booth setup (concerning the pvc pipes)
and also make the banners for the booth setup

and a photobooth try out~
also includes receiving any frames for the photobooth and printing/laminating then cutting em out

!! >W<;;

did i forget anything??

oh ya we need someone to make brochures/pamphlets, fliers and such for the info desk
and possibly signs for the tables serving food to let the ppl know the name of it
and at the info booth we have a history/ingredients/how to make on the foods and such too
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Fall Food Festival @ Oct 20
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