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 Minutes 8/31

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PostSubject: Minutes 8/31   Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:08 am

8/31 Minutes

Meeting begins: 5:31
Meeting ends: 6:48

First meeting of the new semester! Good gravy there’s a lot of new people in here…
Andrew adorns himself with paper cranes and Mike serves as the peanut gallery for the E-board’s introductions.

5:35: We go around the room and introduce ourselves

5:38: Elena assures our president that she’s hot.

5:40: And keeps it PG-13 today. And makes an excellent first impression.

5:45: Turns out some of the sophomores don’t have majors, the school hasn’t remedied this yet?

5:48: It seems CC saw a Japanese game show where a girl dressed as Buzz Lightyear fell into water. Yaaaay Japan.

5:49: Karen, being smackdab in the middle of the room, isn’t sure where to face. And she likes Morning Musume!

5:51: According to Crazy-facial hair-Matt, stars > birds. SPREAD THE WORD.

5:53: Somebody’s Navi ringtone intermittently interrupts peoples’ introductions.

5:54: According to Anthony, in Japan, no means yes. SPREAD THE WORD.

5:57: New Matt sounds like Old Matt. When New Matt introduces himself, Old Matt looks perturbed.

6:00: Luis is happy to see more than 10 people in the club. Thank you all for being here! ^_^

6:07: Kathy claims to be the face of Japan Club. Who would the feet be?

Anime Nights are now called Japan-o-tainment nights. This month’s theme is School-related shows. Our first week will be an anime and a movie. Suggestions are always welcome to our Media Consultant, Bonnie Garcia.

Meghan encourages us to join the Japan Club fanpage on Facebook (Japan Club MSU), the Japan Club Media page (MSU Japan Club Media) and the Japan Club forum (http://japanc.roflforum.net). We’ll do our best to accommodate your input, ideas, and thoughts about our current and future events.

Our Scavenger Hunt is 9/23 from 4-5 PM.

Our Fall Festival is tentatively 10/6, but we’re still working on our date. This is a traditional Japanes Fall festival which will feature traditional foods, a performance by JCDC

Cosplay Dating Auction is 10/16.

Back by popular demand from Chibi-Con, our Zombie Run Halloween event is 10/30 from 2-5 PM in the Student Center Quad.

Our annual Iron Chef competition is 11/10 at 7 PM. Just like the popular show,

Our new event Kabuki theater is 12/3 at 6 PM in the Rathskeller.
This year, we’re trying to go for Class 1 in the SGA so we can get more funding for events! Wish us luck!

We begin talking about planning for our biggest event in Spring- Chibi-Con, Japan Club’s own convention complete with performances, a Maid Café, dance party, and Artist’s Alley.

Some of our field trips include trips to Mitsuwa; a Japanese supermarket in Edgewater, NJ, a trip to a Cherry Blossom Festival in the Spring, restaurant trips to a place that we all vote on, and AnimeNEXT 2011 in the summer.

We’ll be collecting the money for group-discounted 3 day passes soon.

Japan Club Dance Crew is Japan Club’s dance team that won 2nd place at AnimeNEXT’s Masquerade. They perform many genres of music including J-pop, K-pop, J-rock, and even American pop. They’re recruiting new members and would like you to join! Rehearsal times will be set up once schedules are solidified. Join JCDC’s fanpage on Facebook. (JCDC)

Vice-President CC and her friends are trying to get a group off the ground to raise money to send medical supplies to third-world countries. The group is called The Global Medical Brigades.

If you want to make a presentation about any aspect of Japanese culture, give us notice and you’ll be given time for presenting on a topic of your choice. Previous topics have included Gothic Lolita fashion, Godzilla movies, Visual Kei fashion, and Geisha culture.

Our bake sales are numerous and very profitable, we bake our goods the night before at Bake Nights. Our Bake Nights will be at Sinatra Hall on Clove Road, we’ll give you notice before we have our sales.

Possible ideas for the future:
-Karaoke nights
-Japanese merchandise Swap Meet
-Possible trip to a Japanese restaurant with karaoke.
-Fisherman’s Stand, it’s apparently a dance?

Meeting’s adjourned, we play a game!
Any e-mails that need to be sent need to go to JapanC@gmail.com
E-Board meetings are Wednesdays at 2:30 in the club room in the Student Center Annex
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Minutes 8/31
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