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 9/7 Minutes

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PostSubject: 9/7 Minutes   Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:21 am

Meeting begins: 5:43
Meeting ends: 6:44

We call the meeting to order and request all musics and games off. We have even more new faces from last time, so the new newbies introduce themselves.


5:45: Former Vice-president Abdul reintroduces himself to a room of people who mostly know him already. Good show.

5:45: Jess bribes newbies with moogles for introducing themselves. I wasn’t aware you could get those thing wholesale now.

5:49: The e-board introduces themselves with gradually mounting applause.

Our first Japan-o-tainment night will be Wednesday, September 22nd in room 104 (the old commuter lounge) of the Student Center. Vote for what we’ll be watching in Japan Club Media group on Facebook, Bonnie will be closing the votes on September 17th.

Thursday, September 23rd is our Scavenger Hunt, up to three teams will search all over campus for photos of specific places. Sign ups will be at the event.

Our Iron Chef Competition is Wednesday November 10th. We voted on our secret ingredient, which is going to be GINGER!
We’re trying to get another organization to be our competing team, including

6:03: Sandy grabs and drags her tardy boyfriend out in the hall. <3<3<3<3

Our Cosplay Dating Auction will be Thursday, November 18th 8-10PM. People will be bought with monopoly money while dressed as anime/video game characters. FUN! We sent around a sign-up sheet for people interested in being auctioned off.

Our first field trip will be to Mitsuwa on Friday September 24th during one of their fair events. Mitsuwa is a Japanese grocery store in Edgewater, NJ that borders a Japanese trinket store, and a bookstore. As of right now, we have several generous people who are offering to carpool members there.

JCDC is looking for new members, anybody interested in joining should notify Julia, Bonnie, or Jess.

Our Halloween event; Zombie Run will be held in the Student Center Quad. In Kathy’s words, it’s basically Resident Evil with Nerf guns. This will be held October 30th from 2-5PM. We’ll talk more about it as the date gets closer.

October 20th is our Fall Festival, meant to emulate an actual Japanese cultural festival including traditional foods, games, performances, and crafts.
Our foods right now include
-yakitori (grilled chicken on a stick)
-grilled vegetables on a stick
-dessert cups
-hot tea
-shaved ice

6:28: Adri arrives!

6:29: “If you like really cute stuff, then vote for the pictures! If you don’t like cute stuff, then shut up.” - Jess on photo templates for the Fall Festival.

And then we played that game from Ouran that’s like Right Light Green Light. Jess got super excited and people were like “YaYYYY Ouran!” The end. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 9/7 Minutes   Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:53 am

There's a double post of this topic. You might want to fix that. :X

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9/7 Minutes
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