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 Minutes 10/5

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PostSubject: Minutes 10/5   Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:11 am

Meeting begins: 5:46
Meeting ends: 6:49
Number of attendees: 45! Very Happy

We need your schedules/phone numbers (including work schedules) so we can figure out when you can help us with events. Email them to Japanc@gmail.com if you haven’t already given them to us.

Halloween Chill-out (Japan Club Halloween Party)
-10/29 5-8 PM in Cafeteria B and C
-Pumpkin carving (not a competition anymore)
-Saving the insides for pumpkin treats!
-Possible movie choices:
-Hocus Pocus
-Blood: The Last Vampire (animated or live action)
-The Shining
-Godzilla (original 1954)
-The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo
-Suicide Club
-Ju-on or Ringu
-The Host
-Paranormal Activity
-Let the Right One In
-Voting will be at the Japan Club Media page on Facebook for one week, vote by next week!

Potential treats for Halloween Party
-Dark chocolate
-Candy corn
-Grape, orange, cherry soda
-apple slices (fruit platter)
-baby carrots (veggie platter)
-cheese puffs (possible donation from Matt C)
-chocolate pretzels

Ponytail Drive
-Monday 10/18 in Ballrooms
-Donate 8 inches (longest donation gets prize)
-Every donation gets a goody bag.

-We’re planning to cosponsor
-11/11 from 7-midnight
-Food, music, dancing, crowning of King and Queen
-Donations will go to Relay for Life.

Apple picking
-Saturday 10/16 at 2 PM.
-Wightman’s Farm, 1111 Mt. Kemble Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960
-Cost may be $12 (unsure if per group or per person)
-16 people want to do apple picking if it’s per group
-9 people want to go if it’s per person.

Fall Festival
-Tuesday 10/19, we’re preparing our crafts, some food, and games for the Fall Festival.
-We need a grill (right now we’re trying to get a cheap supermarket grill or renting one from nearby)
-Send any Japanese music (traditional, pop, rock, etc to Japanc@gmail.com)
-Any aspiring artists who want to design the border of the “photo booth” pictures can send their designs to Japanc@gmail.com)
-Jess (our Program coordinator) needs people to run certain things at the Fall Festival
-Cassie = griller
-Justin = music player
-John/Mike C = griddler
-Manny/Quel = photo booth operator
-Suz/Matt B/Mike C/Delia/Andrew/Bonnie = game operators
-Mike C/Delia = food servers
-Mike C/Meghan/Andrew = Information booth
-The more people we have for these jobs, the shorter the shifts have to be. If you want to help with any of these, let us know ASAP at Japanc@gmail.com, on the forum, or in person.

Event Planning Meetings
-Meetings outside of Japan Club about event.
-First one will be this Thursday at 7 PM, third floor of the student center.
-Jess and/or CC must be involved
-Who would be working what and when, who would be bringing utensils, etc.
-Anyone who is interested in helping, but can’t make it, can come to Tuesday 10/12’s bake night at Sinatra Hall and we will discuss event planning business there as well.

Bake Sale
-Our first bake sale is Wednesday 10/13 in Dickson.
-Tuesday 10/12 is our first bake night in Sinatra Hall right after the meeting.

Cosplay Date Auction
-11/18 8-10 in the Rathskellar
-Auctions will be bought with Monopoly money.
-If you buy food or drink, you get more money.
-“Dinner date” will consist of ramen, lunch meats, and vegetables.

Japanatainment Night
-Wednesday 10/5 at 8 PM, we’ll be watching anime in the old commuter lounge in the Student Center.
-The winner is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry).
-We’ll also be watching 3 episodes of Hetalia: Axis Powers beforehand.

Japan Club Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=131665050184033&ref=ts

Japan Club Media Facebook page:
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PostSubject: Re: Minutes 10/5   Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:47 am

Sounds good. Im currently comin up with a playlist of songs i may play @ the festival, Im askin club members what kind of songs they would like and may make a thread on it someime this week.
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Minutes 10/5
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