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 Minutes 10/12

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PostSubject: Minutes 10/12   Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:53 am

Meeting begins: 5:30
Meeting ends: 6:30
Attendance #: 30

Japanatainment Night
-Halloween’s movie choice for the next Japanatainment night. Vote on Japan Club’s Media page on Facebook!
-10/20 at 8:30 in the old commuter lounge in the student center.
+Blood the Last Vampire
+Godzilla (original)
+Suicide Club
+The Host
+Tomie Another Face
+Tomie Will Not Die

Pumpkin Party
-10/29 from 5-8 PM in the Rathskellar
-Dress up!
-Day before Zombie Run
-Pumpkin carving (we’ll have 50 pumpkins!)

Apple Picking
-We’re meeting at the diner at 10:30. Be there by 10:30 for a ride!
-$11 for every 5 people. (For “family”)
-We need people to drive for the trip.

Bake Night/Event Planning
-Tonight is bake night at Sinatra Hall
-An hour after bake night is event planning for the Fall Festival

Bake Sale
-From 10-4:30 PM in Dickson Hall

Fall Festival
-We need people to help set up, some people are planning to be there the entire day to help set up and/or clean up afterward.
-Clean-up will be at between 4:30-5 (as fast as possible!)
-We’re looking for people to design the frames of the photos. (example: http://puricute.com/)
-E-mail any submissions to japanc@gmail.com
-Anybody who wants to be in charge of the photo booth section needs to either take the photos or print them.

Cosplay Date Auction
-If you’re being auctioned off, cut-off date for deciding whether you want music while you’re being introduced is 10/30.
-If you buy somebody or are being auctioned off, you get free food!

-If you want to do a presentation for Japan Club, let us know a month in advance.
-They can be educational, for fun, or just randomly informational.
-Examples of what we’ve had before include Gothic Lolita, Godzilla, Visual Kei fashion, and Geishas.
-Hopefully next week will be Brett’s Godzilla presentation.

Restaurant Trip
-Send us suggestions at japanc@gmail.com! We’ll vote on one next week!

We’re also going to start doing a song of the week and a phrase of the week starting soon. Very Happy

Japan Club Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=131665050184033

Japan Club Media page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/MSU-Japan-Club-Media/142263092479142


If you don't get the minutes, leave your e-mail here and I'll add you to the members list again.
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Minutes 10/12
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