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 11/2 Minutes

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PostSubject: 11/2 Minutes   Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:13 am

Meeting begins: 5:45
Meeting ends: 6:15
Attendance: 34 members

Overnight Ski/Snowboard trip
-sign-ups begin 11/11 at 10 am student center 104 CSI office
-first 48 people get to go

Mental health Conference
-features Frank Warren (PostSecret.com)
-Brittany Snow (the evil chick from Hairspray and Nip/Tuck) is closing it with a speech

Art/Fashion show
-The co-ed business fraternity is sponsoring an art/fashion show and two of our members (Meghan O’Leary and Julia Williams) are having some of their awesome art displayed in it.

Zombie Run review
-After members found out we couldn’t use nerf guns, a lot of people lost interest.
-Everyone goes home on the weekends, we should plan it during the week.

2nd Annual LASO Prom
-We’re cosponsoring with several organizations
-We’re going to get a cake
-11/11 at 7 PM
-$3 entry fee for Relay for Life

Cosplay Date Auction
-11/18 from 8-11 in the Rathskellar
-You can change your cosplay up until the date of the event, but can’t change music

Gamers Video Game Quiz show
-A Jeopardy-style game show that tests video game knowledge.
-cosponsoring with Gamers.

-Mike explains that Kabuki is about characters in dramatic poses, makeup and costumes instead of voices
-Our potential story is Peach Boy; the story of a peach that is found by an old couple and it hatched into a boy. The boy becomes a warrior and fights a crazy animal hybrid thing.
-Jess has a sign-up chart for people who want to act, do stage work, or both.
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11/2 Minutes
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