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 11/9 Minutes

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PostSubject: 11/9 Minutes   Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:07 am

Meeting begins: 5:37
Meeting ends: 6:57
Attending members: 33 members

-We’re cosponsoring with LASO for their 2nd annual Prom.
-11/11 at 8:00 PM in the student center ballroom.
-$3 fee to get in, all profits go to Relay for Life.
-We’re donating a cake Very Happy (Yay cake.)

Great American Smoke-Out Poster contest
-due tomorrow at 2 PM in the Quad
-First place is 50 Red Hawk Dollars, second place is 25 red hawk dollars
-Voting is 2:30-5PM in the quad
-All posters will be hung in the Student center until the end of November.

Lambda Theta Alpha/Applebee’s
-If you go to the Applebee’s at Clifton Commons November 10th and give them the appropriate flyer, 10% of your bill goes to Lambda Theta Alpha.
-Japan Club is considering doing this kind of event next semester to get funds for Chibi-Con.

Relay for Life
-kickoff celebration is at University Hall, room 1070
-3rd year!

Cosplay Date Auction
-11/18 from 8-10PM in the rathskeller in the student center
-At some point if you want to help do stuff Jess is going to have a night for that.
-We need servers (to serve food), auctioneers, bankers (to hand out fake money)

Bake Sale
-Last one of the semester is November 17th
-We’re gonna try making cookies shaped like shurikens and peepshi.
-Come to the bake night on the 16th.

Japanatainment night
-This week’s choices for live action drama this week
+Hana Yori Dango
+Hana Kimi
+Zettai Kareshi
+Atashinchi no Danshi
Nodame Cantabile
-Vote at the Japan Club Media page on Facebook for this week’s choice!

-December 3rd in the Rathskeller in the student center
-Our first meeting is after the Japan Club meeting

Gamers’ Quiz Show
-Wednesday 12/1 at 8 PM
-We’re cosponsoring with Gamers

Next semester…

Host Club
-Separate event for next semester
-Boys entertaining girls in the style of Ouran High School Host Club

Iron Chef
-Got moved to next semester due to budget/matching funds
-We need cosponsors! (ISO, Psychology Club, UAASO, French Club, KASA, LASO, CSA)

-a Saturday in April, we need to find a date that’s not during Greek week.
-Artist’s Alley
-“Dealer’s Room”

*Potential games include
-cosplay softball (or any other cosplay sport)
-sumo wrestling (?)
-cosplay scavenger hunt
-laser tag

-Fashion panel
-“How-To” panels
-“Cosplay on a Budget” panel
-Anime Parliament (includes Subs vs. Dubs, Pirates vs. Ninjas)
+Shounen-ai/Shoujo-ai panel

-From June 10-12th
-group registration of 8 people or more, it’s $35 for all 3 days
-We’re taking money ASAP.

Calpico Day
Recipe tester day
Mochi pounding (as a New Years’ celebration)
Tea Ceremony on a Wednesday
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11/9 Minutes
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