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 Cosplay Scavanger Hunt

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PostSubject: Cosplay Scavanger Hunt    Cosplay Scavanger Hunt  Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 9:33 am

Find the Cosplayers! Get prizes for first and second prizes!

Hi everybody. We need to figure out our game play, as well as what materials we'll use to mark contestants, cosplayers, and how we score them.

Ideally the game play should work so that you can start playing no matter how late you show up. The game will stop when everything starts to close down or if everybody finishes and nobody keeps signing up. The people who agreed to be your committie have a big Y next to their names. Please get together and have a meeting soon, let the e-board know what day you decided on, and write down what you talked about /decided on

For the game play I really, really, suggest that you play it like bingo.

Everyone gets varied lists with the names of all the cosplayers and they have to find them in the order on their list. Trust me it will save you a head ache.

But if you find a better/more fun way to do it or opt to have a more challenging round by all means.

People who don't have any cosplay next to their names didn't list one.

Myaha Gibson: Yoroichi maybe)
Justin Guillou: Codot
Sid Motaghi
Mike: Team Rocket
Cassie Dunzik: Cosplayer (maid?)
Raquel Ford
Chris Seesselberg
Andrew Sanns: Team Rocket
Katie Scott Kakashi sexy no-jutsu
Anee Westcott
Eva Lewandowski: Zelda
Alicia Mcmahon: Meowth Cosplayer
Danielle Sibelman: Medical <-Tshirts!!!!
Axel Pereda: Berry Burton

Ashley Matarama
Vanessa Grant
Samantha Cox
Bria Alexander
Cathetine Menendez
Waqas Malik

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PostSubject: Re: Cosplay Scavanger Hunt    Cosplay Scavanger Hunt  Icon_minitimeThu Mar 31, 2011 5:45 am

Andrew Sanns: Is going to be DR. Stein from Soul Eater( I will have a rocket shirt under my lab coat)... I just want to be a cosplayer though
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PostSubject: Re: Cosplay Scavanger Hunt    Cosplay Scavanger Hunt  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 04, 2011 10:21 am

i wont be cosplaying, unless you count the black kimono ive been wearing for the lasy few years. either way, i wont really be one of the bountys.

facebook scavenger hunt group

from facebook:
"So, as we were saying. We're thinking of a Bounty Hunter kind of theme to this scavenger hunt. Basically, at the start of ChibiCon, we'll be handing out "hit lists". Players have to find each particular character, ie: Goku from Dragonball Z. They must take a picture with each character they find. When they complete the list, they should find me or Mike to verify the win.

Each character will give them reward money, with the most going to player who fits that character first. example, the first three to find goku will get 300 and the rest of the players will get 100. We can also put a limit on this, such as players 4-10 will get 100, and then goku wont be spitting money out anymore.

People can then use the money to "buy" prizes. We'll have a prize center set up, much like chuck e. cheese.

People can assemble into teams, but each team member needs to be in each photo for it to count.

In lieu of phones with camera, you can also get their autographs. Mike and I will have a copy of all autographs before the con so we can verify them.

things to think about:
when does the game end? is it when the first person wins? is it when all the money has been given away? when all the prizes are given away? can people still continue to look for the characters as a personal goal?

do you plan on being a bounty?
you'll need to be available in the public for a fair amount of time. this means you cant leave the building or hide. you'll also be asked for lots of pictures and or autographs.

"Hit Lists"
Should we include a picture on the list? This would make the game easier. It might not be feasible for all cosplayers, the outfits might not be ready in time. Should we include the name of the person, or just the character? What about where the character is from? Should we make the list available before hand? It might entice people to play.

So... feedback please!"

so far we've discussed that clues would be better than just a straight list of bountys. that being said, we should start coming up with clues for the cosplayers we already have. (refer to the list above)

soo... impress me with your witty clues!

(as of right now, its public so message them to me until we can get a private message board)
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PostSubject: Re: Cosplay Scavanger Hunt    Cosplay Scavanger Hunt  Icon_minitime

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Cosplay Scavanger Hunt
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