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 Schedule and Duties

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PostSubject: Schedule and Duties   Schedule and Duties Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 1:13 pm

Hey everyone, CC here.

I want to avoid what happened last semester with people working more than enjoying the event and some people missing some of the fun because they were cleaning up stuff.
I want to involve other organizations more with this event, but also include them into the clean up crew.
If we schedule everything nicely, even adding in clean up into OUR (meaning the chibi con event crew) schedule, then we will lessen the problems.
(for example, the game room should be run by the gamers so we can lessen our staff there and use our staff somewhere else. they can control when it opens after the ceremony and when it closes for the event.)
--> so we will have a public schedule of events and our own schedule made that has clean up, set up, and other times included in the schedule.

I also would like to suggest using the ballroom for more than one thing at a time. I will further explain this during a meeting as well.


When we have our open ceremony, I would like EVERYTHING ELSE not opened yet.
Meaning that everything else is already set up and ready to open, but it will not be and THERE WILL BE NO ONE IN THERE except for event crew ONLY (do not let your friends chill in the rooms either) and everyone should head to the opening ceremony area.
Its just like other cons where some stuff arent open to the public yet.

I want to also try to keep the con on the side of the ballrooms as much as possible and not spread it to the cafeteria side only because of location issues and also people not knowing where everything is even though there is a map. <<;
But if we cannot then we shall use the other space.

Another thing I would like to add is that everything, including the schedule and maps, should be prepared, made, and printed out days before the con.
Again I would like to implement event meetings.

Maybe we need to split into teams and have team leaders for each team so we are not all on diff pages when situations arise.
If we are in teams, we report it to the team leader about anything so that when someone from another team needs to find out the entire scoop, it should be from the team leader.

I would also like to have the cafe and artist alley (and i guess dealers room if we have it) to have opening times.
Meaning like a shop, its opened during this time to this time then closed and then reopened again.
This way we can clean up after each mini break, regroup the stuff, and if we close off the room, people working can enjoy the event during that time and then new people will be switched into their positions (ppl schedule will be discussed further later) and take over from there.
Of course when the cafe, artist alley, and dealers room is closed, there will be something else going on.

I feel that we should not have everything running at the same time all day. :)

Also if we come up with some other mini activities, we can use the ball room for it.
For example, we would already have the booths and stuff set up in the back, but it is closed off to the public.
Then when opening ceremony is over or whatever other thing we use the ball room for is over (like performances) we can quickly empty the room of participants, close it off for about 20 min quickly pushing the tables into place and then reopening the room.
During that time, participants might visit the gaming room, maid cafe area, or another area we have setup while they wait.

get it?
i want to utilize our space to the max and not have the event going on everywhere because we dont have many people to help out.
but this means we need to have everything prepared and ready most likely days before the event.
and you know what? maybe we should ask for permission to setup for the event a night before (if its possible) at least to some extent so we are not going crazy the day off.

so far this is all i have to say for now.
thanks for reading
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PostSubject: Re: Schedule and Duties   Schedule and Duties Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 4:38 am

i wanted to add that i think the maid cafe, artist alley, and gaming room should be closed before the ending ceremony/rave....whatever the last main thing in the ballroom we have to end the con~

but this means that when we close it (probably an hour before the last thing in the ballroom is going to happen) we can start to clean up the main stuff (like putting away valuables)
in addition some main event in the ballroom should be conducted so participants are not hanging around bored waiting for the ending ceremony/rave to begin while we are cleaning up other areas.

lol we need to keep the schedule to be at a flow~ :D
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Schedule and Duties
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