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 11/16 Minutes

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PostSubject: 11/16 Minutes   Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:58 am

Meeting begins: 5:37
Meeting ends: 6:58
Attendance!: 36

Winter Ball
-$40 for MSU students, $45 for non-MSU students
-Tickets for the big dance on sale Wednesday, 11/17 at 8 am in the Red Hawk Nest
-2 person limit (one person can only buy 2 tickets)
-Dance itself is December 9th at a secret location (to be revealed later)

Peer Leaders for hire!
-2.75 GPA, 12 credits or more, excellent leadership and interpersonal skills
-During the summer, $1,600 stiphon
-Morehead Hall room 101
-Check for info at Montclair.edu/msc/programs/leader.html
-Dates include 11/29/10 10-11am SC 209
12/1/10 2-3PM UN 2042
12/7/20 4-5PM SC 206
1/24/11 2:30-3:30PM UN 3009
1/26/11 2:30-3:30PM UN 2002
1/28/11 10-11AM UN 2026
1/31/11 4-5PM SC 206

Mitsuwa Sashimi sale!
-sushi sale Saturday 11/20 10-4PM, and Sunday 11/21 from 11-4PM
-performances there too!

Japanatainment Night
-We’re watching the live action drama Hana Yori Dango
-We’re starting at exactly 8:30 room 114 (old commuter lounge)
-Voting will be at the beginning of the month for what will be shown.

Bake Night tonight!
-Tomorrow is our bake sale in Partridge Hall
-We’re baking things for the bake sale tonight in Sinatra Hall

We decided that since science and art classes have no regard for “common hours”, we’ll be keeping the Japan Club meeting time.

Special Friends
-The Rec center is sponsoring an event to help special needs kids play games.
-Sunday 12/12
-More info to follow!

Chibi-Con events
-The actual event is going to be April 16th.
-Artist’s Alley (so far we have 8 people interested in making things)
-Dealer’s Room (so far we have 8 people interested in participating)
-Cosplay sports (either softball or laser tag)
-Cosplay chess
-Yaoi/Yuri panel (possible 18+)
-Scavenger hunt (find cosplays/take picture/rock paper scissors)
-Fashion panel (traditional/modern fashion)
-Cosplay on a Budget/Iron Cosplay panel
-“Whose Line is it Anime?” (cosplay improv game)

Chibi-Con Opening ceremony
-Mandatory vs. not mandatory?
-Opening movie contest

Video Game Quiz Show
-Cosponsoring with Montclair University Gamers
-December 1st

Spring Events
-Children’s Day (Mini field trip for kids with arts and crafts, a skit, and puppet show)
-Iron Chef (with other clubs competing)
+ Rec Board, ISO, Heart, Spectrums, The French Club, Russian Club
+ in the Rath, making food on the spot, each organization responsible for bringing their own ingredients.
-Anime Quiz Show (possibly in March)

Restaurant Trip
-Consensus is cheap food in our general area.
-More details to follow.

Thanks for reading! In other news Melissa Pryor’s foot exercises constitutional rights. We’re all very proud that her appendage can stand up for itself.
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11/16 Minutes
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