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PostSubject: Objection!    Objection!  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 04, 2011 12:05 pm

Vague topics
no "who would win or whose better" questions

Set up chairs facing inward like a real court.
Good debate can go 10 mins
Normal debates = 5 minutes
Bad = 1

is Naruto a ninja if he's orange?
is Chrona a boy or girl?
does yelling out your lover's name give you more power? yes/no pro/con
are magical girls timeloards? (transformation time reference)
anti-hero ya or nay?
do "slice of life" anime's effect diet habits? (make you crave cake)
is cuteness of character relevant to how annoying they are?
do anime characters have more blood than normal people?
does screaming make you more powerful?
what is more powerful, screaming or silence?
is there a double standard for reverse harem?
do Mario and Luigi have a pluming license?
would Toad get high from cannibalizing a mushroom?
what should All's state alchemist name be?
does Fox Kids hate anime?
what is the most ridiculous American censorship?

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