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 Restaurant Trip!!!

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Overlord Quel

Overlord Quel

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PostSubject: Restaurant Trip!!!   Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:01 am

Here's info on the local japanese restaurants! My vote is for Dai-Kichi, but it might be the smallest of all of them. We should be able to call up ahead of time and ask if they are willing to seat all 20-something of us. (that should happen for any restaurant with over 10 people)

Restaurants should be close by, accept debit and cards, reservations, and be able to seat all of us. (this is usually settled by calling the restaurant a few days in advance)

please remember to bring cash. debit and credit should be used in an emergency considering how many people will be there.

(973) 744-2954
good ratings on food, sushi and hot dishes
small interior from what I've heard, but I've never seen it.

(973) 655-8805
great place, big seating area

(973) 746-8555
lots of parking, unsure of space, will have to call

Sakura Bana
very delicious food Very Happy
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Restaurant Trip!!!
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