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 4/12 Election Minutes!

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PostSubject: 4/12 Election Minutes!   Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:20 am

Meeting begins: 5:34
Meeting ends: 7:18
Attendance: 38

Elections were tonight!

President: Christina Cabrita (The “Mother” of Japan Club)
Vice-President: Eva Lewandowski
Treasurer: Matt Bosque (“FLAWLESS VICTORY”)
Secretary: Sandra Izzo
Program Coordinator: Cassie Dunzik
Media Consultant: Alicia McMahon

Congratulations to all of you guys!

Chibi-Con is this Saturday!
-Jess has the map of the locations and the current times for all events so far.
-We’ll be handing out maps and schedules at Chibi-Con, we’ll also have lanyards and badges (compliments of CC and Manny and Sandy)

Chibi-Con prep tips
-Sleep well the night before, nobody is allowed to leave and nap
-Make sure you eat and have water to keep your energy up
-Stay calm, prep really isn’t that scary, you just have to be prepared to work
-Get at least 2 e-board members’ phone numbers so you stay in the loop.

If you’re interested in cooking on Thursday, get Cassie’s number because we’re having the prep night at Cassie’s apartment.
If you’re interested in cooking on Friday, get Jess’s number because we’re preparing things in multiple locations.

We need people to serve as information booths at the actual event, email us (Japanc@gmail.com) or tell Jess, CC, or Suz.
-Eva - 6:30-7

We need people to sell t-shirts
-Vanessa 5-6:30

We’ll publicize the list of people who have paid for Chibi-Con shirts.
-All people on the list will get their shirts AT Chibi-Con

Restaurant Trip
-Next Tuesday
-We’re meeting up at the normal meeting room
-potential places: Sakura-Bana, Nori, Dai-Kichi, and Toro
-CC will send us forum so you can choose where you want to go.
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4/12 Election Minutes!
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