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 4/26 Minutes

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PostSubject: 4/26 Minutes   Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:37 am

Meeting begins: 5:36
Meeting ends: 6:30
Attendance: 35

Restaurant Trip
-Sakura-bana was awesome!
-suggestions for easier payment; separate checks if in smaller group, Jess’s “Bamboo method” of paying (writing down what you’re getting + price)

Fall Events
General fall event committee: Sandy, Axel, Waqas, Vanessa, Ashley, Danielle, Sid

Dance Workshop
-Nov 3rd, Ballroom 2-5pm
-Setup time: 1pm (if needed)
-Cleanup time: 5pm (if needed)

Fall Fest
-Sept 28, Quad 1pm – 5pm
-Setup time: 11pm-1pm
-Cleanup time: 4pm-5pm
-Committee: Sandy, Cassie, Waqas, Ashley, Axel, Danielle, Dehlia

Halloween Cosplay Dating Auction
-Oct 25th, Rathskeller 7pm – 11pm
-Setup time: 6pm
-Clean up: 10pm-11pm

Iron Chef
-Nov 16th, Rathskeller 1-5pm
-Setup time: 11:30pm-1pm
-Cleanup time: 4-5pm

Haiku Event / (Noodle) Ramen Yum
-Dec 7th, FDR 1-5pm
-Setup time: 11:30pm-1pm
-Cleanup time: 4-5pm

-Haunted House (or Haunted Maid Café if we don't get Café B/C)
-Oct 14th, Café B/C 4-9

Midori Day (Midori no shokuhin)
-Nov 30th, Green food day; FDR 1-5pm

Japanatainment Night
-Tomorrow night is the last Japanatainment night of the semester
-The winning show for tomorrow is SERA MYUUUUUU~ (Sailor Moon)
-In the CSI office (old commuter lounge) at 8:30.

We also held a raffle to give away the $5 coupons from Sakura-Bana

World’s Fair
-Thursday in the Student Center Quad
-We’re making Okinomiyaki

Thursday after World’s Fair
-2:15-3:15 UN 3002
-workshop for learning the electronic process of reserving events

This is my last meeting writing minutes for Japan Club, thanks for reading~!*
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PostSubject: Re: 4/26 Minutes   Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:29 pm

You were a great secretary, Suz! Very Happy
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4/26 Minutes
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