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 10/18 Minutes

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PostSubject: 10/18 Minutes   Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:20 am

Minutes from Oct 18th

Hello Japan Club! Sorry this is so late; it’s been a really busy week!

Wednesday we had our first bake sale of the semester, it went great!

After our bake sale we co-sponsored with ISO for there Japan culture night!

JCDC did an awesome performance, and we also had an awesome paper crane demonstration.

Also thanks for everyone who came to the rice ball workshop Wednesday night, CSA really loved them. Everyone who ate them liked them as well, CC says you are all pros! J

She will post up the photos from the workshop within the next 2 weeks on our website.

Remember, on Friday the 28th is our COSPLAY DATING AUCTION!

Please let Alicia know who you will be cosplaying as and if you would like, send her a song for your character!

Cosplay Dating Auction Facebook Group Page:


On Friday was our Haunted Temple Event! It had a few bumps here and there but overall it went great, and everyone had a good time! For everyone who helped with every aspect of this event thank you so much, it would not have been as great if it wasn’t for all of you.

We are trying to find a place for our restaurant trip so if anyone has any suggestions please let us know!

Post your suggestions in the FORUMS ;)

CLICK HERE to go to that thread for the restaurant field trip suggestions.

We are thinking to go in November on a Saturday most likely.


THIS TUESDAY we will have a karate demonstration.

The following message is from Eva. (She posted it on the Facebook group)
Next Tuesday, Oct 25 is the first in a series of 3 KARATE LESSONS.
Wear comfortable clothes that you are comfortable moving around in.
These are some things that you SHOULD NOT WEAR:
-jeans of any kind
-skirts (mini or otherwise)
-obi. Even if you've taken some kind of martial arts before, your belt rank is invalid unless you've trained in Shito-Ryu karate. So wear a gi if you have one, but wear a white belt with it.
-shoes! Yes, I will ask all of you to remove all footwear during the lesson.

Women - wear or bring a sports bra if you have one.
Men - wear or bring an athletic cup/supporter.








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10/18 Minutes
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