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 random things that were brought up during the meeting

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PostSubject: random things that were brought up during the meeting   Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:52 pm

1. contacts to ask for money and support
- publishers and media companies - ask for promotional material and prizes, ask if anyone is willing to come and hold a panel
- local businesses - ask if they are willing to go 50/50 on a gift certifcate, or will buy ad space.
- organizations - japan society, animenext, other schools - willyp, fairly, bcc, mcc, rutgers etc.

how to do: 1. email the corressponding contact from big media companies. 2. type up informational letters and deliver them personally to local businesses. 3. make email contact with the organizations, ask if anyone is available to hold a panel or event.

MUST: include possible dates for chibicon, specific requests, and instructions on how to reach us.

2. layout and spaces for the event
- ballsrooms, dining room, cafe, and patio area.

3. random ideas for programming
- combine artist alley and dealers room = marketplace
- may we combine maid cafe with a gallery?
- hands on japanese art lesson?
- game show anime "whats my anime?"idk something like that...

um. i forgot the rest.
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random things that were brought up during the meeting
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