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 2/14 Minutes

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PostSubject: 2/14 Minutes    Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:37 pm

Hey Everyone!!

Meeting Begins: 5:40
Members attended: 27

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
Our Pocky Day Event went really well today!
Thank you to everyone who took part in our activity and made origami!

This week's:
Manga Recommendation: Love Stage
Song of the Week: Lips by Kat-tun

News from Japan!
The K Computer: The Japan Times Online - (click here to read article)
Read About Japanese Valentines: The Japan Times Online- (click here to read article)

Mistuwa Trip - March 10th (one group leaves at 2, the next group leaves at 3)
Restaurant Trip at Sakurabana (Ridgewood, NJ) - April 21st
(only if chibicon is not rescheduled to the 21st)

Anime Next- those interested in purchasing Anime Next Tickets please contact Quel, Mel, or one of the e-board members!

Tokyo Jam- those who would like to submit something, be it an anime or video game review, art work, fan fiction, poetry, comic strip or anything, the deadline is April 1st! Feel free to submit anything you like!

ChibiCon- Logo submissions are due before February 21st!

-if you would like to participate in the Dealers Room or the Artist alley remember to sign up on the website

-for those who would like to perform in the masquerade or host a panel, please remember to sign up too!

Anime Night:
Februarys Themes: Romance!
This Wednesday we will be watching Otomen!
Click here to visit the Anime Nights Facebook Page.

Next Meeting:
Next meeting will end short, at 6:15PM. We are regrouping at 6:30PM in the Rathskeller for our Riceball Workshop! Join us and make some delicious riceballs! (Yes you get to keep/eat them!)

Upcoming Events:
Origami Exhibition (おりがみ)- Wednesday, February 15th at the Student Center Rathskeller. (2:30PM - 5:00PM)
Look at everyone's origami creations.
Learn how to make some origami!
More information - Click here

Amigurumi Workshop (Crochet Workshop) (あみぐるみ) - Thursday, February 16th at Student Center 4th floor, Room 411/412. (12:00PM - 4:00PM)
Eva will be teaching how to crochet~
If you have your own tools and/or yarn, bring it!
More information - Click here

Riceball Workshop Tuesday, February 21st, Student Center Rathskeller (6:30PM-8:00PM)
We will be learning how to make riceballs!
More information- Click here

See you all at the Origami Exhibition tomorrow!

Japan Club is a Class II Organization of the SGA at MSU

Website - Homepage
Forums - Discussion Boards
Facebook Group
Anime Nights Facebook Group

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2/14 Minutes
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