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 11/29 Minutes

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PostSubject: 11/29 Minutes   Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:46 am

November 29th Japan Club Minutes

Meeting Begins: 5:40

Meeting ends 6:45

Attendance: 30

MIDORI DAY IS TOMORROW! (NOVEMBER 30TH )(1-5p.m. in the Student Center Rathskeller)

There is a small change to the schedule, Miso is now at 2-2:30, wasabi is at 3:30 to 4

The official schedule now goes as follows:

Edamame 1:30-2

Miso 2-2:30

Raffle #1

2:30-3 Spring Onion

3-3:30 Nori (Seaweed)

3:30-4 Wasabi

Raffle #2

4-4:30 Matcha (Green Tea)

4:30-5 GreenTea Ceremony

Raffle #3

There will be information, taste testing, and raffles!

Haiku Ramen night (Wednesday, December 7th, 1-5p.m. in the Student Center Rathskeller)

Real Ramen! Not the Instant stuff!

Feel free to read your favorite haiku, or one you wrote yourself!

Japan Club Logo Contest Submissions are due after finals. Official date to be announced soon.

Chibi Con Suggestions:

Art Lesson, some sort of Japanese art

Karaoke area running the entire time

Simple Cosplay masquerade

-Cosplay contest

-fashion show

Whats my line Anime?

Artist alley- makeover in Lolita and Gyaru?

Or maybe as a panel?

Anime Jeopardy

Para para Dance Workshop

Game Room

Kabuki? (for chibi con or an event of its own)

Panel on spiking up Cosplay wigs? Or just general Cosplay panel?

Market place? Combination of artist alley and dealers room

Gallery of peoples artwork

Dance game

Cosplay Scavenger hunt

Samantha Cox is the new official secretary assistant!

Her first order of business:

Members are to now wear uniforms, consisting of pink leotards and purple tutus to the meetings.

Anime Night Showing This Week: Card Capture Sakura

Meeting Activity: A game of NINJA!







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11/29 Minutes
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